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Web design

We create completely bespoke, striking designs that work alongside your brand to engage and enthral your target audience. Clarity is key.

Web development

We integrate cutting edge content management and e-commerce systems, develop mobile applications and other technical stuff.

Content Strategy

We take the time to understand what it is you want to say and help you develop copy that is engaging and informative.

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My Works

This is the best part, releasing the work to your audience. We call this bit love because we believe it is the key to growth. Love your product and beautiful things will start happening. You will find work easier and your audience will respond differently. Here are some of my works.

Who I am

About My

Born in Lithuania in 1985, I’ve always been creative, excited and passionate. I learnt to read before the rest of my class, I was in love with logos and typographies, so thanks to that, I learnt way before the others. First of all seeking for ways of self-expression, at the school I joined photography, painting, and ceramics classes. Then I learned to turn my ideas to the body. I was sixteen years old when I started attending martial arts classes. In this position I got a lot of valuable skills such as leadership, fair fight, goal achievement. Sport was a counterbalance to my artistic soul side and gave me many useful skills, as well as artistic activities. So I became a universal personality. I always knew that speaking languages was going to be important in my life, now I can communicate in English, Russian and Lithuanian. Since I finished my studies at Leicester College (UK) I have been working as a designer and production manager for the advertising company. During my work I have had the opportunity to gain some valuable experience in graphic design, managing and visual advertising services. I have attended a range of special courses and improved my skills at work. I strongly believe that the knowledge I have got could help to gainfully develop my self-expression in media and WEB design.

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